Workers At This Quarry Pull Off Biggest Blast In Norwegian History

They Poked Hundreds Of Holes In This Rock Quarry For One Seriously Epic Reason - Hint: It Includes Dynamite

When workers at the Bremanger Quarry in Norway needed to produce 360,205 tons of rock, they went to drastic lengths.

454 blast holes were painstakingly created along the 385m long wall to place the explosives into by geotechnical company BAM Ritchies, which spanned a 20-mile area.

Once that was completed, they had to fill those holes with an astonishing 68 tons of dynamite to pull off the biggest blast in Norwegian history.

Once everything was in place, workers ran as fast and far away as possible and then detonated the explosives.

Kai Jonny Thue Venøy, who filmed the blast, calls the event ‘very successful’ as they now have ‘great fragmentation’.

The explosion is the largest production blast in Norway to date.

The video – posted to Vimeo – has proved highly popular, racking up well over 130, 000 views.

Bremanger Quarry lies approximately halfway between Bergen and Molde on the country’s west coast.

The sheer power of that dynamite is pretty insane when you think about it. Just like that, a hulking work of natural art was blown to bits.

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