Woman Reportedly Squirts Breast Milk at Offended Onlooker

Adequate, or over the top response?

This is where the incident is said to have taken place.

Breastfeeding in public is a hot button issue with many.  Some people think women and babies should cover up or leave a public area altogether, while others support feeding your baby any way you see fit in any place your baby is hungry and needs to eat.

Wherever you land on the issue, this article is kinda hilarious….or maybe offensive.  People do get offended a lot these days.

I found it hilarious!

Allegedly a mother was breastfeeding in public when another woman nearby insisted that she move somewhere else.  She said it was distracting her husband.  This nursing mother was not at all happy about her child’s meal being interrupted and insulted.

Maybe she was a sleep deprived mom…well, not maybe.  If you’re a mom, you ARE sleep deprived.  But maybe that day her baby just would NOT nap.  Maybe her baby was fussing and that was the only way to soother her child while she got done what needed to be accomplished that day.  Maybe mom forgot her nursing cover at home.  Maybe mom was at her wit’s end.  Maybe she was tired of trying to cover her child while he/she nursed and kept pulling the cover off.

Maybe she had just had ENOUGH!

She was clearly not willing to deal with it that day!  Her recourse was, allegedly, to squirt breast milk at the woman who decided it was her right and duty to tell this woman where and how to feed her baby.

Some days, you just can’t anymore!


Vicky is a wife and a mom to two of the most wonderful, spectacular and maddening kidlets ever! There is never a dull a moment!