Woman Photoshopped To Show ‘Ideal’ Body Types Across The World

One woman's body was Photoshopped to explore beauty standards around the world
One woman's body was Photoshopped to explore beauty standards around the world.
One Woman's Body Photoshopped to Show DIfferent Beauty Standards In The World
Original: This models body was Photoshopped by female designers to show ideal body types around the world.

Why Was This Woman Photoshopped 18 Times?

In this gallery, female artists were asked to alter a model’s entire body to make her “more attractive.” Female designers were chosen because “we wanted a woman’s view of what her culture finds attractive and to understand more about the pressures they face,” as reported on the Superdrug Online Doctor’s website.

Honig is not the first to use this idea. In 2014, journalist Priscilla Yuki WIlson also performed the same experiment, focusing on the subject of biracial beauty around earth.

This experiment included a small sample of people who were asked in a study what the Photoshopped woman’s body weight in the image may be, assuming she has a height of 5’4″.

Estimated BMI Per Country

Revealed by the study and sample group, the study estimated the woman’s BMI for each country. China and Italy had the thinnest submissions, with participants guessing that the woman in the image weighed somewhere between 101 to 107 lbs. Spain had the heaviest at what was guessed to be 153 lbs.

The goal was to shed light on the unhealthy, dangerous obsession which is sweeping the globe: the desire for large gaps between your thighs and unhumanly possible size waists. After seeing this, women will hopefully feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Men don’t like stick thin women who look like they will die of hunger at any moment, yet thanks to Chinese culture for example, women think they need to go on absurd diets and start purging.

Here are designer submissions:

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Image Sources: onlinedoctor.superdrug.com; Hugo Felix/Shutterstock

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