Woman Joyfully Spoils ‘Game of Thrones’ On cheating Ex-Boyfriend Every Week

A man took to reddit to get advice on his ex-girlfriend, who he cheated on, who keeps sending him spoilers to Game of Thrones episodes before he has had a chance to watch.

Don’t worry, we wouldn’t dare write anything that spoils ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes as the hit HBO show continues into its sixth season.

It all began after a poor excuse for a boyfriend and member of reddit under the username Khaleesiscorned decided to cheat on his girlfriend. He never realized at the time that he was forfeiting more than just a girlfriend.

After the cheating boyfriend took to the relationships subreddit in search of a solution to a “Game of Thrones” spoiler-fest that started after his relationship came to an abrupt halt when he was caught cheating.

According to the cheating ex-boyfriend himself, his infidelity and cruel words caused his former girlfriend, who you can clearly tell he wishes would accept him back, to block him across every form of social media.

On a weekly basis, his ex-girlfriend unblocks him on a social network and spills all the juicy details and spoilers of the new “Game of Thrones” episode before he ever gets a chance to watch.

The now-deleted Reddit post garnered plenty of replies with many wondering why Khaleesiscorned keeps reading his ex’s messages.

The post has since been deleted from Reddit, but it has generated plenty of cover across the internet and the thread had lots of replies wondering why the idiot keeps reading his ex’s messages.

He insists that she kicks off the conversation with a faux olive branch to draw him in before taking her weekly revenge.

She even resorts to catfishing, when it’s necessary.

The fact that this cheating ex-boyfriend keeps reading his ex-girlfriends messages after having so many episodes already spoiled shows how insecure and miserable he is without her.

Women, don’t even put up with any B.S. like cheating. Life is too short for the heart ache and drama which these guys cause.

I am glad there is some justice!

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