Motivational Last Minute Comeback During Final Relay Lap

Watch this woman find something within, and use it to make her run harder and push faster than anyone else on the field during a track and field event, with the final 4x400 meter sprint.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone talk about a dramatic moment during a track and field event. They just don’t happen. Except on this day.

Watch as this girl summons all of her motivation and pushes herself to demolish her opponents all in the last four laps. In track and field events like this, you never know what the outcome will be until the last runners get the green light. The “anchors” are the teams strongest runners and this girl meets that description perfectly.

Watch her insane comeback on the fourth leg of the 4×400 relay final. On paper it looks like a team effort, but it’s clear which anchor made a win happen.

If you’re reading this while watching, you’re probably yelling back at me, “Which anchor!?” In the last lap that will become abundantly clear, so I suggest you sit back, relax and watch this amazing women’s 4×400 relay race.

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