Verizon Wants Rid of Unlimited Data Users Who Use Too Much Data

Verizon Wireless plans to cut off service to all their Unlimited Data Plan users who use too much data, despite the plan's name. Isn't that called "false advertising"...

There is no better way to tell your most loyal customers who have been grandfathered into unlimited data plans by having accounts older than 12+ years (mine being one of them) that you do not care about them than by forcing them to abandon their service contract and sign a new one with far less data at a far higher price.

Verizon is moving forward with their ongoing mission to pare down the number of customers on their unlimited data plans by moving these customers to plans with hard limits. More recently, the company came up with a way to get rid of it’s biggest data consumers.

Verizon has begun notifying customers using an “extraordinary” amount of data per month that they must move off their Unlimited Data Plan by August 31st. If by August 31st they haven’t made the switch, Verizon will disconnect their accounts. Verizon will however provide 50 days to reactivate their service on a limited plan, as was first reported by Droid Life.

Verizon ceased offering unlimited data plans in 2011.

What does this mean to you? You are considered as a customer with “extraordinary” usage if you are using more than 100GB of bandwidth per month. Verizon shared in an interview with Ars Technica that a very small number of users are exceeding 100GB of bandwidth every month on one single device.

The mammoth phone carrier deems 100GB of use to be so extraordinary since their largest monthly plan offers that amount of data which can is to be shared by multiple devices.

Verizon Committing False Advertising?

Although Verizon’s latest ploy to move customers off of unlimited data plans will affect a very small percentage of the phone carrier’s customers. Verizon claims that they need a way to prevent their heavy data users from eating up precious network resources—or if we want to talk about the truth, they want to find a way to make them pay a higher price for it.

In the past, Verizon has launched anti-unlimited measures by Verizon which have always been on a more aggressive, grander scale. Take for instance back in 2012, when Verizon said they would force anyone on an unlimited plan to switch away from that plan when they upgraded to 4G LTE phones. That never happened, since in 2014 Verizon was threatening to throttle unlimited data plan customers who were using too much data on their LTE network.

It wasn’t until the Federal Communications Commission stepped in that Verizon stopped throttling 3G users in August of 2015 after the FCC enacted their net neutrality policy for carriers and home broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Verizon most recently action against unlimited data plan holdouts occurred on October of 2015, when the company had just raised the price of their unlimited data plans from $30 to $50 per month.

How is Verizon not committing false advertising on a grand scale? I am sure it has something to do with their size and influence on the government and FCC, but the fact that they have just found ways around whatever rules the Federal Communications Commission enacts.

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