Creepy Uber Driver Leaves Flowers At Girl’s Door After Driving Her

I drove for Uber a few times. It was a pretty normal experience, I never had anyone puke in the backseat, or trash my car like that crazy doctor from Miami, or try to come on to me. It was a strictly professional, I pick you up, you pretend like you’re not about to pass out from being a drunk northern New Jersey college student in my backseat, and we go our separate ways.

But some Uber drivers kind of take things a little too far. And by too far I mean get super f*cking creepy. Like in Egypt, the company had to issue instructions and training to drivers to not sexually assault the women that they pick up. Because it kind of sours the entire transportation experience.

Then there’s this Uber driver, a lovesick sap who somehow found a passenger’s address and left her some flowers, along with a note asking her out on a date.


The woman was understandably upset by the (not) romantic gesture.


I come home from work and find these at my doorstep. Hunting down my home address because you were my uber driver to send me flowers is not fucking “romantic” or whatever the fuck you people call it. IT’S FUCKING CREEPY AS ALL HELL’S FUCKS. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK. What the fuck do I do?!?!??!?!! Help me”

The worst part about the whole thing isn’t the fact that he breached Uber’s code of conduct by prying into her personal information. Nor is it the fact that it looks like he gifted her a serial killer bouquet.

It’s the fact that he has a hotmail address. Unforgivable.

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