A Tribute To Lucky Weiss, The Best Dog Who Ever Lived

Lucky Weiss was the best dog to ever live. My sister made a tribute video to him of all the moments that brought us laughter and joy, so now we share them with you.

Dogs are man’s best friend. I’ve learned that beyond any doubt after being blessed with “Lucky”, my families dog who was the glue that held our family together through the good times and bad.

Lucky Weiss, The Best Dog Who Ever Lived
When my sister was stressed over medical school exams, Lucky was always willing to be dressed up in any outfit to cheer the family up.
Every year, Lucky put on his 101 Dalmatians hat and would eat a Frosted Paw while we had cake.
Every year, Lucky put on his 101 Dalmatians hat and would eat a Frosted Paw while we had cake.

My sister was especially close with Lucky, since he helped her get through four years of pre-med, and two years at one of the best medical colleges in the country. Each day my mom would send all of us an adorable picture of Lucky doing something unique each time. Whether he was in a costume, posing in front of a “no dogs allowed” sign, or just being his adorable self, the texts always brought happiness and calm into our lives.

It was my sister who spent countless hours creating this video tribute to the best dog who ever lived, Lucky Weiss. I know that he can never be replaced, and he would never want us to be sad. He provided us with so many memories and helped each of us endure our own personal struggles.

When I had spinal surgery four and a half years ago, no one visited me.  I realized how phony all the people I thought were my friends were, but rather than feel sorry for myself, I was laughing and cherishing my “therapy pup” as my mom nicknamed him. I’ve developed severe chronic pain as a result of the injury caused by Degenerative Disc Disease, and surgery… but when Lucky was around it didn’t matter one bit.

Lucky Weiss At The Bar

Lucky hanging out at the bar with my sister and I.
Lucky hanging out at the bar with my sister and I.

Growing up with three siblings, my mom had no shortage of costumes to dress Lucky up in. What was so amazing about him is that he could recognize when someone was taking a photograph and would hold still in the pose you put him in or would look right at the camera like a model. Every day I looked forward to the text message my mom would send my sisters and I of Lucky doing something adorable.

When my mom drove to my house to tell me he had passed away, I broke down sobbing. I knew that the day would eventually come, but it was just a few weeks before our annual trip upnorth!

Lucky Weiss, this is the last photo and time I saw him.

Lucky Weiss sprawled out on the couch while I worked
The last photo and time I ever saw my best friend, Lucky.

Each of us mourned Lucky’s passing in a different way. Before losing the best dog an owner could ever wish for, I didn’t understand the sorrow others felt when their pets passed. After shedding buckets of tears, I totally get it.

Lucky wasn’t like other dogs. As he grew older, he began training my mom to follow his every command. She knew which bark meant that he needed more water, which one meant that he needed to go potty, and whenever she was on the phone he knew that all he had to do was bark to get more treats.

Lucky was a brother, uncle, and best friend to my family.  His memory will always live on through the memories, photographs, and moments of triumph which we never would have seen through to the finish without him.

I hope this video brought a smile to your face, laughter, and happiness.

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