Top Spring Fashion Trends for 2014

Trends for the year really tend to start showing up in the spring and summer, which means fashion season is upon us! It’s time to throw aside the bulky jackets and thicker socks. This spring is a mix of the stuff you come to expect from warmer months, more skin showing and brighter colors, but also some rather interesting and new ideas. Below each fashion, I’ll share my personal excitement level for the new trends.


Crop Tops


Crop tops were huge last spring and summer and by all accounts this trend is here to stay. Some of the other fashions popular this season such as longer fuller skirts will go great with a tight crop top. Many people, incorrectly so, think that you can’t wear a crop top unless you have rock-hard abs. Well that’s not the case! With the right bottom, all body shapes can rock this look.

Excitability Index: 7/10




Sheer was popular this past fall, but as trends go for spring, it’s new to the season. This dress here is more sheer in the shoulders, but particularly popular in the spring runway shows are sheer and mesh cutouts whether in the middle of a top or sections of skirts. This style can be tricky to pull off without looking trashy, so less is more with cutouts as I’ve said before.

Excitability Index: 5/10




This, more than any of the new trends, is the biggest risk. While I’ve seen this in Galaxy leggings in the college crowds I can’t see the shiny fabric being large for anyone over the age of 25. One of the exceptions to this though is this adorable dress shown above. As with any new trend pairing it with something more neutral like a black jacket is the best course of action.

Excitability Index: 3/10


Structured Pastels


Pastels for spring is nothing new. In fact, wearing pastels from April on is practically a must for spring fashions. But the style for spring 2014 is much more structured. Color blocking , which I’ve discussed before, works wonderfully with these lighter tones. The great thing about pastels is a head-to-toe look is entirely doable without being overwhelming.

Excitability Index: 9/10


White Button Up


White is often popular in the spring and summer (and you don’t actually have to wait until Memorial Day to wear it), and the structured look of a button up gives an effortless chic style. If you’ve stocked your closet properly, finding a white button up or blouse shouldn’t be too difficult. This style is quite versatile, for evening, for daytime, with pants or even a long skirt.

Excitability Index: 8/10


Wide Leg Pants


Spring is a breezy time of year, especially here where I am in the Windy City. A wide leg pant has been popular before, but they are making a comeback. Remember when gaucho pants were huge in the early 2000’s? Think that but much more polished. With a smart heel and a tighter top to cinch the waist, this look can take you to the next level.

Excitability Index: 7/10


Large Sweaters


The lazy girl in me loves this style for spring! Weather in these months can be unpredictable, from warm to cold to rain all in one morning. Having a large comfy sweater is a great layer available but can also be a statement piece. Longer sweaters allow for tights or legging pairings. The look is more relaxed, think weekend wear, but doesn’t have to look lethargic. This mustard color here is beautiful, understated, and above all looks beyond comfy!

Excitability Index: 10/10


Full Skirts



Finally, a fashion trend emerging I’m genuinely excited for! When I saw this showing up on the runways, my heart skipped a beat. The looks is reminiscent of Old Hollywood, a classic style flattering on most every body. It can be dressed down with a plaid shirt, made even trendier with a tight crop top, or more work appropriate with a flowing blouse. While you can wear the full skirt at the knee, tea-length is most popular at the moment.

Excitability Index: 10/10

Molly Jane Sisson, Wisconsin born and raised, is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa with a degree in English-Creative Writing. When she’s not obsessively checking Buzzfeed and imgur, she’s having deep philosophical conversations with her dog, Lucy or pestering her boyfriend, Luke. Molly is currently a waitress and bank teller in the Chicago area.