Teen Contortionist Leaves America’s Got Talent Judges In Awe

Watch Sofie Dosser, a teen contortionist, leave the judges and audience of 'America's Got Talent' completely awestruck

After watching this amazing teen contortionist blow away her competition… then proceed to perform a final astounding act at the end, I am left in complete awe.

The first time I attended a yoga class without slipping in a pool of my own sweat and subsequently faceplanting on the mat was the day I felt as if I’d conquered the world.

But apparently, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The world has already been conquered, and I didn’t even know it until today, when I watched the 14-year-old contortionist Sofie Dossi.

The highly skilled teenage contortionist and balancer completely blows away the judges on ‘America’s Got Talent’, little did they know she was just getting warmed up. She takes things to an all new level by shooting a bow and arrow with her feet.

I struggle to merely shoot a bow and arrow with my hands, yet young Sofie Dossie makes me feel completely inferior after shooting an arrow with her feet.

This is all that most contortionists can do, which no longer looks impressive at all:

Typically, contortionists freak me out a little. Does this remind anyone else of something straight out of the exorcist?

Teen contortionist Sofie Dossi already won over the judges and audience, but when she shoots a bow and arrow with her feet she just puts everyone else to shame.


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