Watch A Sydney Politician’s Unintentionally Hilarious Wedding Video

Watch A Sydney Politicans Terrible Wedding Video
Watch and laugh at Sydney politician, Salim Mehajer, who went created a terribly unintentionally funny wedding video depicting how the couple fell in love. The video features helicopters, guns, convertibles, and terrible acting to top it off.

Every couple gets to the point where they start to dream about their wedding day, but some partners have much more active imaginations than others. Usually it’s the bride with the lavish wedding dreams, but not in the case of one Sydney politician.

Salim Mehajer, was married to his fiancee on Saturday. He spared no expense, throwing an especially lavish wedding ceremony that caused local residents to be furious due to the noise and wasting of money in front of their eyes.

The local residents watched overhead as helicopters soared by, from the streets as motorbike cavalcade roared down their streets, and listened as loud drums helped Mehajer look like he has an even bigger package to reveal to his new wife (he didn’t).

In the wedding film, Mehajer has his life “turned upside down” after meeting the woman of his dreams in a classic university setting. It only gets more ridiculous from that point after, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Before the pair tied the knot, they made a video to tell the world their love story, like anyone actually gives 1/4th of a flip about it.

The man behind the creation of this video, Manual Abdo, shared with the newspaper that he would rate Mehajer’s acting a “seven out of 10” … probably so he can still collect that 50% upon completion of his masterpiece.

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