What These Students Are Doing In Biology Class Is Totally Sickening

Yes, it is as disgusting as you thought. Although I’m not a big fan of cats (I deplore them), I do think this was taking things a bit too far.

We all remember getting to dissect things in biology class back in high school, but usually it’s baby pigs or frogs that are in the course syllabus. Occasionally, the choice in animal is cats. These dissections are to be treated as a solemn and respectful procedure, but control can easily be lost of a classroom.

In the sickening video which was filmed at a high school in San Antonio, Texas, shows students using the intestines of a cat to jump rope.

Allegedly, the teacher claimed it was to test tensile strength, but I think there are better ways to do that than by hosting a morbid game of jump rope.

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