Scottish Dad Tells His Daughter That Her Future Boyfriend Will Be Getting His Legs Broken

John Tierney is a Scotsman with a good sense of humor and an adorable daughter named Grace. If it were up to Mr. Tierney, his daughter, Grace, would never have a boyfriend. Nope, John Tierney has a different vision for the future when it comes to his daughter.

The fierce Scotsman father filmed his daughter while they were together discussing Grace’s strong desire for a boyfriend, then uploaded the video to Facebook for all the world to know just how overprotective he is of his daughter.

You may be thinking, what is this? Meet the Fockers? No. It’s not. Indeed, dads making jokes about physically harming their daughters boyfriends is quite 20th century… but did you hear that guy’s accent? That was legit.

“Fur” sure does have a very different meaning in Scottish than English…

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