A video of every work-from-home parent’s nightmare has gone viral—very viral.

As someone who works from home and frequently has to take part in Skype calls, I know to lock the door behind me to prevent any unexpected surprise entrances.

Robert Kelly, Pusan National University professor of political science, was deep in a discussion about the ousting of South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye via live Skype conference call with a BBC anchor who luckily had a good sense of humor. Suddenly, the door behind him swings open and in sashays a bespectacled little girl of no more than three or four years old. All yellow shirt and ponytails, she sneaks up next to Daddy to see what he’s doing. Soon, her infant sibling, tooling around in a walker with wheels, rolls in as well making the video that much funnier.

As the scene unfolds, followed by a frantic woman who races in to retrieve the errant tots from what we can now see is a bedroom carefully staged to look like an office. You can almost see the thought bubbles over Kelly’s head:

Wait—was that the door? Oh, sweet Jesus, that was the door.

If I just move her back gently, maybe she’ll be out of the view of the webcam. Now? No? How about now? NOW THE OTHER ONE IS HERE, TOO? Are you KIDDING me?

Keep sounding intelligent. Just keep talking. If you’re brilliant, they won’t notice. I know he said he saw her, but just keep talking.

When the scene disrupts the interview, Kelly is caught between laughter and apology. The anchor is good-natured, and once the door swings shut, with the kids wailing in the background, Kelly doesn’t miss a beat and finishes his thought. While others’ reactions included anger that he didn’t cuddle his visiting daughter or concern at how abruptly the kids were removed or annoyance at the woman who lost sight of them in the first place, I just had one thought:

Thank you, Professor Robert Kelly.

I don’t think any parent could ever be angry at their kids after something as adorable as this happens.

During the video, Professor Robert Kelly is on a live Skype interview with the BBC when his two toddlers wander into the room, one of them scooting in on wheels. His nanny instinctively jumps into action and tries to do her best to hide from the camera as she escorts his adorable kids out of the room.

He may not have found any humor in the situation at the time, but now that the video has been viewed millions of times around the internet after going viral, I am sure he is getting a good laugh out of it.

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