When I’ve imagined living on a private island, I usually envision having a private jet and four or five eight figure business sales under my belt. However, you don’t need to be a millionaire to start living the millionaire lifestyle, like such celebrities as Johnny Depp and Nicolas Cage who both have their own private islands.

With prices ranging between a one night luxurious stay at a hotel on the Vegas Strip to having a larger sum of cash you can readily spend, these private getaways are the epitome of luxury, privacy, and relaxation. Even if you manage to get cell phone service out there, you will have no problem turning your phone off or if you don’t have the self control, having a friend cast your phone aside into the ocean for you. Regardless of if you’re looking to dine on your own private beach or go snorkeling in an exclusive coral reef, there are plenty of places to choose from.

Private Islands You Can Rent:

6. Bird Island, Belize


Have you ever dreamed of living directly on top of a beautiful coral reef? If so, Bird Island in Belize may be exactly the private island getaway for you. The waters surrounding Bird Island are crystal clear, which means you will have to buy an underwater camera to capture all of the beauty. The locals in Belize consider it to be the best spot for snorkeling. Renting Bird Island comes complete with boats, all the fishing gear you could ever need, and a wonderful place to escape your busy day-to-day life.

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5. L’Ilot, Mauritius


Off the coast of Mauritius, in the lagoon of Roches Noires, is a spectacular villa perfect for your next getaway. Fully serviced, with easy access to the sea on all sides, this spot offers an exclusive escape to nature for you and up to seven of your closest friends. The island villa is built right at the edge of the lagoon, and is complete with all the modern amenities of a five-star resort. Once you stay here, you’ll find it hard to want to leave.

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4. Ariara Island, Philippines


Let 600 metres of soft white sand and hundreds of unexplored coral reefs greet you upon arrival to Ariara Island. An untouched paradise secretly hidden in the Far East, the owner’s personal staff will cater to you and your friends, be it lounging by the beach or splashing around in your own infinity pool. The eco-friendly cottages (which can fit up to 18 guests) are all fitted with marble bathrooms, walk in closets, an open-air shower, and wide veranda with comfortable seating and hammocks.

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3. Private Island in Cartagena, Colombia

elarca003-copyLooking for a coastal hideaway far from civilization with enough space for you and your fifteen person posse? Look no further than the The Ark, a four-bedroom villa, styled like an exclusive Caribbean hideout. Built completely out of wood, the villa is built on one of the many islands that make up the Islas of del Rosario just 90 minutes from Cartagena. Situated right on the water, this spot offers beautiful white sandy beaches, and crystal blue waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The Ark is fully serviced with local cooks and maids, as to make you feel like Caribbean royalty. Summer, winter, spring, fall, this island is perfect to rent year around, so if you’re looking for an epic escape into the tropics, you shouldn’t pass this up.

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2. Royal Belize, Belize

royal-belize2Last but certainly not least is the spectacular Royal Belize. Rent an entire Caribbean island complete with island chefs, and a concierge to make sure your stay is absolutely perfect. Nestled in a World Heritage Marine Reserve in central Belize, this spot is a completely off the grid. Jet skis, paddle boards, zip lining, waterfall hiking, helicopter tours, scuba diving, sailing and fishing; whether your looking to relax by the beach or keep busy this private island has it all. You can enjoy this paradise with up to seventeen of your closest friends or, if you want, use the island for a romantic getaway. The Royal Belize offers five-star service, and is definitely the most luxurious option out there.

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So which of these luxurious, amazing private islands do you want to rent first?

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