Couple married nearly 70 years pass away just minutes apart

Couple Married Nearly 70 Years Pass Away Just Minutes Apart

A marriage that endured and flourished over nearly 70 years came to an end when both husband and wife passed away just moments apart while in the hospital surrounded by friends and family.

Matthew Perry Bullied Justin Trudeau As Classmates, Trudeau Wants Revenge

Matthew Perry, who played Bing on the long-running Friends series, recently told the tale of how he used to bully and beat up Trudeau when the two were schoolmates in Canada.

Amazing Timelapse of the Chicago River Being Dyed Green For St. Patrick’s Day 2017

For the 55th anniversary of the Chicago River being dyed green for St. Patrick's Day, an awesome and quite eye-boggling video timelapse was filmed for your viewing pleasure.

See How An 81-Year-Old Guitarist Amazed And Astonished Shop Staff

Watch an 81-year-old man come into a guitar shop and leave the staff in complete astonishment after he picks up the guitar and plucks out an awesome solo.

Professor Kelly Has Skype Interview With The BBC Interrupted By His Toddlers

A video of every work-from-home parent’s nightmare has gone viral—very viral. During a live Skype interview with the BBC his two toddlers made a surprise entrance, followed by his nanny.

Get Ready To Laugh At These 21 Epic Tattoo Fails

We all make mistakes in life, but most of those mistakes fade away with time or can be remedied. Getting an epically bad tattoo is permanent.

Anonymous Student Surprises Entire School With 1500+ Handmade Valentines He’s Been Making Since September

Over 1500 students attend Troy High School in Ohio, and one anonymous student made it their mission to make sure no one felt lonely on Valentine's day.
The Cause of Depression

Psychologists May Have Found The Cause And Benefits Of Depression

Based on numerous psychological studies, doctors believe that depression may serve a greater purpose. Bringing a new way to understand and treat depression.