This Mom Worked Out During Her Pregnancy So She Had Abs Six Days After Giving Birth

If you ask my wife what the worst part about her pregnancy was, it’s all the crazy changes her body went through. At her heaviest, she was 135lbs before getting knocked up. Nine months into her pregnancy,  and she ballooned up to 200lbs, with nearly all of it in her stomach. The back pain was real. The waddling was real. The hatred towards hot summer days was very, very real.

It took a few months for her to get back to her pre-baby weight, and she’s proud that she was able to do it. I know how hard she had to work, the foods she refrained from eating, all the breast-feeding, running around, and squeezing in light workouts in-between the billion and one things she does in a day, so my hat goes off to her.

And because I know how grueling it was for my wife to lose her baby weight, I can only imagine what the hell this mom did to get into the crazy post baby body shape she did a mere week after giving birth.

This is Sia Cooper. She’s probably in better shape than you in this photo. What makes it amazing is that this is only seven days after she gave birth.


This is the caption in her photo:

No makeup. No filters. No photoshop. Just sleepy ole me. While some may say I snapped back rather quickly, my body is still very soft, but I absolutely am loving my postpartum body because it grew and birthed a human being! How cool is that? Muscle memory is also an amazing thing and proof that hard work really does pay off during pregnancy-even when you’re feeling as big as a house.

I have a long way to go, but I’ll get there. I’ve been focusing on a clean postpartum diet, but also taking in an insane number of calories to nurse a toddler and a newborn.

I have to admit that I miss my pregnant belly so much. There are no words to describe those little kicks on the inside and I cannot believe that my daughter is already 6 days old. But to have her here on the outside has been such a sweet experience.

Cooper actually talked about her workout routine on the day she gave birth in an interview with People:

“The day I went into labor, I actually did incline training for an hour along with dumbbell curls and barbell squats. I got a great last workout in before my daughter decided to make her grand appearance!”

And here she is 10 days after giving birth. WHAT!?


Cooper says that the workouts she did during her pregnancy are what helped her to revert back to tight-bodiness after giving birth.


Cooper says that the workouts she did during her pregnancy are what helped her to revert back to tight-bodiness after giving birth.


The number one exercise that helped her push her baby out? SQUATS.


She compared her first pregnancy to her second one:

Nearly 38 weeks pregnant and it’s amazing to compare my first pregnancy to my current. During my first pregnancy, I was a cardio bunny and barely lifted a weight. During this pregnancy, I managed to do BOTH and then some. This is right at about the same exact weight gain as well which is 27lbs! Crazy the belly difference, right?

Cooper didn’t just post the pictures to brag, but to help inspire others to have health pregnancies.

“We do not have to let ourselves go during pregnancy. If you can help it, help it. You owe it to yourself and your growing baby.”


Check her Instagram Page.

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