Mom Steals 34 Seconds for a Treat

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

This woman should, first of all, be sainted!  She has QUADRUPLET GIRLS!  Imagine the hormones in that house in about 13 years!

She recorded what so many parents live everyday.  In 34 seconds she recorded herself hiding from her kids trying to enjoy a treat alone.  A few pieces of licorice to save her sanity.

Kids have the most amazing radar for snacks!  They can smell ice cream in the freezer.  They can detect a candy bar hidden on the top shelf of a cabinet.

Kids can’t see the dirty socks right at their feet or the shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor, but they become bloodhounds if there is candy in the area!

We stand with you Ashley Gardner.  We stand with you.

Vicky is a wife and a mom to two of the most wonderful, spectacular and maddening kidlets ever! There is never a dull a moment!