Why McChicken Is Trending On Twitter: You Don’t Want To Know

I thought I put up a large enough warning that you really do not want to know why #McChicken is trending on Twitter and Facebook right now, but you just had to be Curious George.

Let me start by giving you yet another warning, this is “adult” material. Yes, I am still talking about McChicken from McDonald’s… but this is not for the faint of heart.

If you were like me, you noticed that #McChicken was trending across both Twitter and Facebook and had to investigate further. If you hadn’t landed on this page, you would likely have landed on a page with a video of a McChicken being made look… delightful?

I think that this properly sums it up:

Why McChicken Is Trending

Long story short, a man indeed had sexual relations with an extra juicy fast food sandwich off the dollar menu at McDonald’s and went as far as to add his own “secret sauce” to the already mayonnaise covered sandwich.

He was also nice enough to record himself having some loving with the McDonald’s McChicken sandwich and share it online, because we all wanted to see it. Well, based on it trending on Twitter and Facebook… people really do want to see it.

Once you see this video, it cannot be unseen.

If you don’t believe me, just read what folks on Twitter had to say:

[5 seconds later] pic.twitter.com/XzljpbfPYb

— Lacey Nycole (@LaceyNycole) August 28, 2016

So just where can you find this video? Other than in your nightmares… it is out there, but you do not want to search for it. Please… just trust me.

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