Man Found In Pub After Search And Rescue Mission At Sea

Man Found In Pub After Search And Rescue Mission At Sea

Can you imagine how awful it must feel to be fearing that someone you love has gone lost at sea? Knowing that you will never see them again. The thought of them breathing their last breath in the cold vast, unforgiving, freezing ocean. Imagining that there was no life-guard there to save them.

According to the Daily Post reports that after a man was seen walking across the Dwyryd Estuary from Portmeirion, near Porthmadog panic alarms were set off, commencing a massive search party to form.

coastguard helicopter search team
Stock photo, but still looks pretty badass doesn’t it? Credit: PA Images

Four Holyhead coastguard and lifeboat teams, and a helicopter crew went out in search of the thought-to-be-missing after his suspected disappearance. Everyone feared the worst.

After two hours had passed and the search team members still hadn’t found the man, they likely suspected the worst.

Did the ocean claim another life?

Well, not quite.

Police found the “missing man” uninjured at the Ship Aground pub near Talsarnau at around 8PM. He was completely unaware that he had been the subject of a major and rescue effort.

A spokesman for Holyhead Coastguard told the Daily Post:

“We received reports of a man sighted walking across the estuary from Portmeirion and that a person was missing.

We sent two lifeboats from Criccieth and coastguard teams from Harlech and Criccieth as well as a helicopter.

The man was found by police at around 8pm and did not realise the fuss that had been caused.”

As an eyewitness recalled:

“For a couple of hours there was a helicopter circling over Penrhyndeudraeth and the Portmeirion area. You could see police flashlights from Talsarnau and there was a boat with a flashlight on the estuary.”

Another eye-witness who was at the scene remarked on how the flares were set off during the search to add visibility at night. She added:

“There was a lot of activity around Porthmadog Harbour and we saw flares being shot into the sky and there was a helicopter flying back and forth along the water. The harbour master was also here and boats were searching.”

Ship Aground Pub in Talsarna
Credit: Google Maps

Hopefully the “missing man” sank a few pints to celebrate his safe return from Davy Jones’ locker.

On the flip side, there are those people who have to send out an SOS when stuck in an aquatic disaster. This girl’s water related nightmare required her to send out a plea for help, however it was nowhere near as drastic as being lost at sea.

Imgur user Denshan proved to us all that taking a bath can be a real problem after the sheer amount of coconut oil she added to her bubbles had her slipping into an SOS.

The poor girl added a load of the product to her evening bath to try and help ease the pain of her chest infection and fever. She had popped some antibiotics and sleeping pills beforehand, adding to the relaxing ritual, but when it came to the time she had to pull the plug, she couldn’t get out.

She captioned the image “I’m stuck in the bath”…

Credit: Imgur

Each time she tried to get out of the bathtub, she’d simply slip about, greased up, unable to grip anything.

“I found some bath salts, lit some candles and poured in some coconut oil,” she wrote on Imgur. “Now I’m realising it was too much coconut oil.

“I went to get out after pulling the plug and I just slid around like a giant greased up potato in a roasting dish. There is no traction. No grip. Just me and my fat body slipping around covered in oil.

“Fuck home beauty remedies. SOS.”

There’s yet to be any updates on her situation, meaning that she could very well still be in her tub, rather than the pub, where our previous protagonist was found.

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