Man Is Confronted For Being A Foreigner, You’ll Love His Response

A young man is confronted by a woman about being a foreigner. Wait until you see how he responds!

A bigoted woman confronts a young man about being a foreigner and he couldn’t have responded in a better way.

An unfortunate conversation occurs at a bus stop in Brisbane, Australia between a young man and a lonely lady.

Watch how he handles his responses to this hate with tolerance and integrity.

You can see how mature and level headed this young man is by not just the fact that he kept his calm and dealt with the blatant racism and rude assumptions that are thrown at him.

What solidifies his maturity is that he didn’t point the camera at her, even though she does deserve to be ashamed of herself. This could have been the first time this woman ever lashed out at someone, and she was perhaps just having an off day. She definitely doesn’t sound mentally stable.

Kudo’s to him for not capturing her face. This “foreigner” shows this crazed, racist woman a lot more respect than she offers him.

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