Learn 5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Once we get into our mid twenties, we all begin to worry about aging. We all want to have vibrant, wrinkle free faces that when worn with a smile, are nearly blinding from the perfectly aligned snow-white teeth.

A lot of these tactics we engage in to make ourselves look younger have the opposite effect on us. If you want to look healthier, youthful, and glimmering, then you should avoid these 15 common beauty mistakes.

There are certainly some makeup mistakes that age you rather than make you look more young and vibrant. Luckily, you have us to point them out to you. I know many women that make these mistakes!

5 Make Mistakes That Age You

1. Applying Thick Layers of Makeup

How To Apply Foundation From Makeup MIstakes That Age You

Despite the common belief, when you are applying makeup, less is more. An example which is especially true is the application of foundation. Thick makeup is deceiving, as it eventually settles in your fine wrinkle lines and then visually enhances them to those close close enough to talk to you without shouting.

Foundation is intended to even out your skin tone, not fill in the lines which stress and aging causes… more commonly referred to as wrinkles. Foundation is not supposed to cover every inch of your face like warpaint. You aren’t trying to apply camouflage to protect you in battle! It is intended to only be used in problem areas.

How To Apply Foundation

  1. You apply foundation by first picking a product that is sheer and diffuses light.
  2. Don’t ever pick a matte, velvet, or flat finish. Seriously.
  3. Next, now that you have your desired product, apply the foundation to areas you would like to even out the color on. Again, do this sparingly.
  4. When you’ve finished, press a moistened makeup sponge (not a wet one) in areas where you find wrinkles, so you can remove the excess powder.
  5. When it comes time to remove your make-up, be sure to moisturize.

2. Shiny Eye Shadow And Heavy Concealers


People look at your eyes quite often. In conversation, when a guy is gazing into your soul, and you get the point.

Coincidentally, the eyes are one of the first places that aging will begin to show wrinkles and various other signs of growing older. It deserves special attention so that you do not make a huge makeup mistake. Whatever settles into the fine lines around your eyes or emphasizes the fine lines will increase the appearance of wrinkles. You will look older.

  1. The eyelids are where you should apply the matte powder. It’s best to do a shiny finish below your eyes.
  2. The area underneath your eyes requires just a thin application of sheer concealer over just the darkest shadow parts.
  3. Do not try to cover the entire area beneath your eyes. This will again only draw attention to the fine lines.

The beauty experts suggest using a brush-on highlighter pen with illuminating particles. As one extra tip from me to you, avoid using bronzer near your eyes. It just enhances bags and shadows.

3. Powdering Your Face


(not to be confused with powdering your nose)

Powder is used to reduce shine, but should only be used on the prominent areas of the face. These areas include the nose and chin because the skin is taught and wrinkle free in these locations. These areas almost never include the cheek bones (there are exceptions for very prominent cheek bones.) Powder in any other area of the face will exaggerate wrinkles (powder is a matte product, so refer back to tip 1).

4. Dark Lip Color Ages You


Avoid dark lip colors and instead choose light pink, beige, or a color closer to your actual lip color. Dark shades create shadow effects when they collect in the creases along your lips, particularly your upper lips, that enhance the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A light coat of a clear gloss can help to diffuse light, obscuring lines and making your lips look fuller and more supple.

1. Wearing darker foundation

Foundation cream close upz

If you’re going to go bold with your lip color, you’ve got to have a complementary backdrop for your face.  For those with lighter skin tones, it’s a good idea to choose foundations that will provide darker, olive bases.  Red lips can be too much of a contrast against pale skin.  The darker your lips are, the darker your foundation should be.

Hopefully after reading this article on 5 Makeup Mistakes That Age You … you will stop making them (if you do).

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