With all eyes on the Kiss Cam, this Lakers fan must have felt rejected after the cute woman in his row chooses a fellow Kings fan to kiss.

This is why I never wear clothes that specify which team I am rooting for, you never know when you will be front and center. Just kidding, I just don’t own any clothes rooting for any team.

My Awkward Kiss Cam Experience

I will never sit with family at a University basketball game after this experience… one which still makes me cringe in horror to this day.

After first witnessing the Kiss Cam as a little kid, I always worried that a day would come when the cameraman would zoom in on me. I have three sisters, all of which went to the same university as my parents. So the odds were stacked against me as I attended a game with a packed stadium of 25,000+ people and had no choice but to sit next to my sister. She was two years older than me and it was fun hanging out with her since she’d let me party and break out of my parents extremely strict household.

So what I’d began to believe was the inevitable happened. The Kiss Cam zoomed in on my sister and I, since we bear little resemblance to one another… of all my sisters she’s the that I look the least like. The moment we were up on the screen, people behind me started shaking my shoulders, egging me on. The two other people in our row who knew that we were brothers and sisters just looked horrified.

I did the only thing I could do, I formed an X with my arms and yelled while trying my best to make it easy to lead my lips that “SHE IS MY SISTER. MY SISTER. NO.” Only after the second time yelling it did the fans in my section hear me properly, and then they all began doing the same thing. My greatest fear had come true.

What felt like two hours on camera was extremely embarrassing. My face was bright red and I knew there would be a big anxiety attack to follow. Anyone who has watched the Kiss Cam enough knows that they normally don’t pan away from someone after they decline to kiss the other. They give it time so that it becomes as awkward as possible, causing the two people to usually fold and kiss. Not this guy though.

The guys in the row behind me felt bad about the entire bit and for egging me on without knowing it was my sister, so they bought me beers for the rest of the game. That eased the panic attack and afterward people were coming up to me and apologizing. Who for? I’ll never know. I wanted an apology from the idiot cameraman. They should only pick people to kiss that are clearly couples… you know the kind. The ones who are already making out, have an arm around each other, or are elderly and at the game together.

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