Freddie Mercury’s Voice Without Instruments Is Chillingly Beautiful

Listening to Freddie Mercury's voice without instrumentals will completely blow your mind.

Despite having passed away decades ago, Freddie Mercury is and will forever be a vocal legend.

Freddie Mercury’s voice and it’s unique style, combined with his amazing songwriting talent is accredited to propelling Queen to into rock ‘n roll fame.

When Freddie Mercury’s voice first graced the airwaves, no one ever heard anything like it. He is one of the most gifted vocalists and will always be remembered for that. To this day, his voice has yet to be matched.

Freddie Mercury’s Voice and Songwriting Talent

Over 25 years have passed, and yet Freddie Mercury’s vocals and lyrical style have had no successor.

In the video playlist, you will hear the classic Queen songs, “We Are The Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” with the instrumentals removed so you will be astonished by Freddie Mercury’s amazing voice.

While you listen, you’ll witness the raw power and electricity in Freddie’s voice as he sings without the accompaniment of the other band member’s instruments.

The songs, both sung and written by Freddie, has become one of the most easily recognizable rock ‘n roll tracks ever. Only preceded by another classic Queen song, “We Will Rock You”.

Listen to Freddie sing the songs without the instruments. It’s amazing what he can do with his voice!

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