Campaign will Fly Singles between NYC and San Francisco

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Young traveling couple enjoyinAre you looking for love? Would you be willing to fly across the country to find it?

That’s what “The Dating Ring” Crowdtilt campaign project is inviting singles to do.

Specifically, “The Dating Ring” is attempting to address the disproportionate number of single men and women in the New York City and San Francisco Bay area.

In New York City, there are reportedly about 100,000 more single women than men. In San Francisco, there about 40,000 more single men than women. The cause of that is generally attributed to the large tech community there, and the gender imbalance within that industry.

So there we have it– in NYC, women tend to struggle in the dating scene, and in San Francisco, men can’t get date either.

The project’s proposed solution is to fly women from NYC to meet single men in San Francisco, and vice versa.

A promotional video was released to generate funds, create excitement, and to get more people on board.

In the video, singles from NYC and San Francisco comment on the project.

“I feel like a different coast would give me a different perspective,” said one NYC woman.

“I mean, it would be amazing if there was a plane of amazing women flying out to San Francisco to meet guys — myself included — I think it would be a lot of fun,” said a San Francisco man.

“I would love to fly across the country to meet someone from New York, and I would love it if you came here to meet me in San Francisco,” said another man.

Women in NYC have noted the particular frustration with being unsuccessful at finding love. The place is constantly bustling with people, but the romantic opportunities just aren’t as readily available.

It’s a female-run dating campaign, led by CEO Lauren Kay.

On the Crowdtilt page, Kay and her team wrote,

I know it sounds crazy, but so do the plots of most modern day romcoms– and guess what happens at the end of those? Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling fall madly in love. Each. And. Every. Time. Because crazy things make people fall in love. There’s even real research about this, we swear.

So, please help us fund this cross-country love excursion.

Each campaign is looking for a minimum of $10,000, but has a target goal of $50,000. If they are successful in raising the necessary funds, the first campaign (NYC women to San Francisco), will take place over Memorial Day weekend.

Men and women are to be matched by matchmakers, and there will also be a bigger party event.

It’s an intriguing concept, to be sure. We wonder, though, if a weekend is enough time to form a connection. That’s also quite a bit of pressure. However, even if a few relationships come out of it, people will have benefited from the project– which is what matters, in the end.

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