First Ever Million Dollar Bionic Man Is Not Very Polite

We Have the Technology

The first-ever walking and talking “bionic man” was unveiled this week at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

The robot was modeled after Bertolt Meyer, a social psychologist. Bertolt himself was born without a hand and relies an an artificial limb.

Bertolot Meyer is also the host of a one-hour documentary about the robot. The robot and the documentary will showcase the amazing advancements science has made with synthetic body parts.

We Can Rebuild Him

  • 6-feet-tall
  • 170 pounds
  • $1 million to make
  • 28 artificial body parts including a pancreas, lungs, spleen and circulatory system

The robot has an artificial intelligence similar to the iPhone’s Siri.

“The people who made it decided to program it with the personality of a 13-year-old boy from the Ukraine,” he said. “So, he’s not really the most polite of people to have a conversation with.” – Robert Warburton, a design engineer for Shadow Robot.

You know, after spending $1 million to make the robot, you would have thought they would have put more effort into the personality!

Bertolt w/ the Bionic Man

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