Equal Pricing for Men’s and Women’s Products

Let's be done with the "pink tax"

Men's and Women's products should be priced the same

It’s a well known argument that women pay more for the exact same products as men.  You may remember the hilarious segment on Ellen about the Bic Pens FOR HER!  The pens were the same Bic pens we’ve all been using for years, but since they were pink and purple, then they were “for her” AND COSTED MORE!  Sadly, this was a real, actual product.

A British supermarket, called Tesco, who has made the bold move to REDUCE the price of women’s razors to be the exact same price as the men’s razors sold.  According to the Guardian, Tesco had previously charged about $1.20 for women’s razors and 85 cents for men’s.

Companies like the Dollar Shave Club have been using the “pink tax” in their marketing lately to increase their customer base.  They point out that we all use razors, why should women pay more to have a different color razor?

This difference extends past personal care products.  We see it in toys, clothing and even toddler’s underwear!

This is not to say that it’s wrong or bad if girls prefer pink toys or clothing with princess characters on it.  My 4 year old daughter loves everything pink, purple, glittery, princess-y and “girlie”.  She enjoys it!

However, she also loves playing with Legos and baseball, basketball and riding bikes with her big brother and friends.  So, why should her pink baseball glove (IF she would choose that over the typical brown one) cost more?  Why does her pink and purple bike cost more than the exact same model with a “boy” color scheme cost more?  If all the parts are the same, and only the color is different, why should we pay more?

She’s been riding her older brother’s old bike.  My husband and I are planning to simply give it a new paint job ourselves so she can have the color she wants.  There’s no need to buy a whole new bike so she can have her favorite colors.  This bike works just fine!

So, when will the US start following the rest of the world and price products the same for men and women?

Vicky is a wife and a mom to two of the most wonderful, spectacular and maddening kidlets ever! There is never a dull a moment!