One brave cameraman drove through Detroit late at night, and what he caught on camera is absolutely terrifying!

Ever wondered what it would look like to drive through one of the most poverty-stricken, dangerous cities at night? If so, you’re in luck!

One brave cameraman did just that, and what he filmed on his tour through Detroit is absolutely horrifying. I am sure that the driver / cameraman took serious risks to get this footage.

What A City With No Police Is Really Like

I hope that after you watch this video, you will appreciate the dangers which police officers face every night so that they can keep you safe. We all have off days and make mistakes, except when now if a police officer makes one single misstep, his life is put in danger and the media turns the entire nation against him.

Most of us take the safety that the police have provided us both day and night while we drive through our neighborhoods. When everyone is quick to judge police officers for sometimes the one poor judgement call or mistake they have made in their entire careers, they should remember that this is what without them, every city would turn into anarchy and chaos like Detroit.

Appreciate The Safety You Have Thanks To Police Officers

Most of us take the safety we have at nighttime while driving through our towns, villages, and cities. We know that we are not likely to be at high risk of getting carjacked, witnessing prostitutes at every corner, and seeing guns and gang signs waved at the us rather than our neighbors waving their hands to greet us.

However, for the residents of Detroit, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Chicago, and dozens of other cities around the country, this lifestyle is all they have ever known.

While the cameraman drove through Detroit, what he captured on camera was as a whole complete anarchy. A city with no police force brave enough to enforce the laws, and residents who have to find their own ways to protect themselves by joining gangs and illegally obtaining firearms.

This video just makes me even more sympathetic for those who are forced to live in the ghetto and witness horrors like this on a regular basis.

For millions of American’s, what you see in this video of Detroit is just business as usual… and may God bless them.

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