Female Politician Decriminalizing Domestic Abuse In Russia

The current punishments being proposed for domestic violence are described as "absurd" by Yelena Mizulina, who wants to decriminalize domestic abuse

The same Russian politician who created the barbaric anti-gay “propaganda” law has said she also wants to decriminalize domestic violence, calling the current punishments “absurd”.

The amendments introduced by Yelena Mizulina would bring reduced punishments for spousal or child abuse to a misdemeanor and administrative offense. The crime currently has a punishment of up to 40,000 rubles ($605) or two years in jail, but rarely is a punishment handed down, according to women’s rights groups.

Mizulina introduced the 2013 law which bans the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships” to minors, which brought condemnation no sounds like she was just getting warmed up. After the law went into effect, it became very unpopular and led to campaigners to call for boycotting of Russia during the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Ever since the “propaganda” bill was introduced in 2013, LGBT rights groups in Russia have reported a rise in the number of anti-LGBT incidents like assault, many of which included violence.

In 2015, Russian lawmakers drafted a bill that would have made it criminal to have a “demonstration of one’s distorted sexual preferences in public places.”

The new law would make any public display of “non-traditional sexual relations” as an offense punishable with 15 days in prison or a fine.

It is estimated that one in every three Russian women suffers physical abuse at the hands of her partner, and 40% of all violent crimes or murders take place in the home, according to statistics cited by the Anna centre. This sounds awfully similar to traditional Muslim families killing female family members for “shaming” the family by showing off too much skin or coming out as homosexual.

The Russian government’s health committee has estimated close to 14,000 women are killed each year by their husbands or partner.

A group of protesters marching in Berlin against anti-gay laws in Russia and reduced sentencing for domestic abuse.
A group of protesters marching in Berlin against anti-gay laws in Russia and reduced sentencing for domestic abuse.

Pressure has been intensifying on the government from campaigners calling to improve Russia’s poor domestic violence record has led to some change. In 2015, the Moscow government built a 35-bedroom complex for female sufferers of domestic violence.

Outspoken LGBT activist, Alena Popova, created a petition in 2015 which called for the prevention of domestic violence legislation which rapidly generated over 170,000 signatures in days.

Who is Yelena Mizulina and why is she evil?

Yelena Mizulina is a Russian politician serving as a member of the Russian Parliament between 1995 and 2003 and again since 2007.

Yelena Mizulina is a Russian politician serving as a member of the Russian Parliament between 1995 and 2003 and again since 2007.

What you will first be astonished to see is that Yelena Mizulina is a female, yet she is writing a law that will decriminalize domestic abuse, even in cases of violence, and reduce it to a misdemeanor carrying only a fine.

So beating your wife and children, if found guilty, would be nothing more than a speeding ticket.

Yelena Mizulina has dealt with a considerable number of different issues throughout her quite long legislative career. In recent times, the Russian demographic crisis has become of particular concern in light of her role as Chairman of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Affairs. In an recent interview with Vladimir Posner she has expressed the following views: “Analyzing all the circumstances, and the particularity of territorial Russia and her survival…I came to the conclusion that if today we want to resolve the demographic crisis, we need to, excuse me, tighten the belt on certain moral values and information, so that giving birth and raising children become fully valued”.

Yelena Mizulina has expressed strong views concerning the adoption of Russian children by US citizens: “This is just mean, not to say despicable. Russia has never defended its interest at the expense of children”. Two month later, she voted for the Anti-Magnitsky bill, a law that bans United States citizens from adopting Russian children.
Yelena Mizulina is the author of several legislative projects directed against “propaganda of homosexuality” including the infamous Russian LGBT propaganda law. She believes that the phrase “gays are people too” should be considered potentially extremist by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. Yelena Mizulina is also in favor of confiscating children from gay parents, including from those that are the biological parents of the children.

Yelena Mizulina has accused several of her political opponents of belonging to a so-called “pedophile lobby” She first suggested that “in the depths of the United Russia party there was a “pedophile lobby” that was against toughening the law on sexual offenses against minors in 2011 during the evaluation of the Criminal Code of Russia.

She is going to have a quickly growing list of enemies for her support and drafting of a bill which aims to decriminalize domestic abuse, even in cases


Who Is Alena Popova?

Alena Popova
LGBT and Women’s Rights Activist in Russia

Alena Popova’s website shares that her main goals as a social and political activist are summarized below:

“I aim to turn the face of my state towards people – create a fully functional welfare state in Russia. The human capital must become the main foundation for strong economic and political systems, which I am going to increase through realization of my program and projects. My current activities flow in three key directions creating a framework for realization of projects. The most important one is social and political activity focused on introduction of new practices for increasing of human capital by changing the way state and municipal authorities operate, changing approach of businesses to the issue and people’s welfare. I also focus on solving the problem of gender equality and volunteering. Those two issues are not only very close to my heart and really preoccupy me, but also contribute to my main activity – development of a welfare state and increasing of human capital. Everything I do in general, has to ensure skills and experience enough for me to become a head of the executive body of the state in the future, provided that I have the people’s support, and realize all of my goals.” Source: AlenaPopova.com

Russia’s domestic violence already has a very lenient punishment, with fines of 40,000 rubles ($560) or two years in jail in Russia and the call to reduce the punishments to a misdemeanor and administrative offense is truly sickening.


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