Clinton Cash (Full Movie) The Movie Destroying Hillary Clinton

If this isn't enough to make you realize how unfit this woman is to be in a position of power, you are blind. Either by ignorance or intentionally.

The largest surprise to Hillary Clinton and her presidential run and to the Obama Administration right now is the large number of facts which the liberal media outlets themselves have already confirmed and verified as accurate from Clinton Cash, which is both a book and a movie.

Hillary and Bill Clinton together have used their positions as public servants to rob the third world nations they claim to be aiding and going against everything they stand for, has changed the laws to allow for the mining and destruction of a rainforest in Colombia.

Clinton Cash exposes the Clintons’ lies and criminal lies and criminal activity dating back to the start of Hillary Clinton’s first role in politics as First Lady, to her role as Senator from 2001-2009, and most infamously with her role as Secretary of State from 2009-2013 during the Obama Administration. Learn how her candidacy as a cultural platform to expose the dark secrets behind this evil family.

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Want to know something even more terrifying than the movie? There has already been 11 facts from Clinton Cash which have been confirmed true by the mainstream media. view

If you are voting in the 2016 election, it is your job to research everything you can about a candidate so you can make the most informed vote possible.

That means you need to also pay attention to the information that has been made public by reporters, public records, Wikileaks, and the puzzle pieces put together to give you a clear view of what Hillary Clinton uses her position in power to do.

If you think this is just a well-timed documentary, filled with coincidences and lies to ensure that Hillary Clinton doesn’t ever become President… you are wrong.

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