We went ahead and collected the 20 funniest new memes of the week so that you don’t have to search the web for them. Yeah… you can thank us later.

Seduction: Like A Boss


He takes awkward to an all new level.

Making the Meme: It’s all about real life

Someone has to put in the hours…

We Messed Up: Start Over

We all make mistakes…

You’re not insane: Thank you for that

Aww, poor Kanye has been replaced.

Looking Good: Feeling Good

It looks like he was in serious need of a vacation…

Priorities: Gotta Be True To You

I mean, who doesn’t love Skee-Ball?

The Gas: So Good

Gotta love laughing gas…

Spillover: It’s just a little bit awesome

Looks like someone forgot to take their protein shake.

Round 1! Fight: Now on to Blanka

Is he trying to become Puff Daddy?

Your Mom: They Don’t Sell These At Nordstrom Anymore

She looks quite a bit like a Donna Trump.

I’m Rich! This Is The Best Feeling Ever!

And it’s not going to last very long…

Being Honest: I’m going to need a coffee break to get through this

And a few bathroom breaks for when I don’t know the answer to a question.

Shyamalan! Never saw it coming…

It’s those moments that make me want to throw something at the TV.

Need… More… Time. Maybe 5 or 6 More Hours…

Working can really suck, amirite?

Life Goals: This Girl Gets It

She has her priorities in order.

Say That Again? I think I misheard…

Or just risk it and cross the street. Let Darwin kick in.

These are my rights!

Also curly fries, please.


No one saw it coming… like a giant trojan horse.

A Little Lower…

Meet Slick Willy!

Romance Still Lives…

It’s alive and well…

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