Watch footage of the new show which Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey have joined forces to create, called "Little Big Shots".
Watch the opening cinematic to Halo 5: Guardians Second mission - "Blue Team". Led by the legendary Master Chief, Blue Team boards a derelict Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) research facility to ensure its contents don't fall into the...
Is there anything more adorable than a baby lamb wearing a sweater? Before seeing this video, I would have answered no.
You're about to meet Emily and Bobby, a couple that has been dating for two months and has yet to say those three words that mean oh so much. "I just farted" ... just kidding, "I love you," is...
This cute video captures when aliens communicate through an adorable baby. This was easily the cutest thing I have seen all week.
There is nothing like a good scolding from an elderly British woman. This YouTube prankster got it good for his fake suicide prank off a bridge.
Two women who together beat a child to death go completely insane in the courtroom after they learn that they've been sentenced to life in prison.
This amazing and scary crocodile video reveals just how far a crocodile can propel itself out of the water, using it's tail, to catch bait ... or your hand.
Our ears are always to the pavement to find out the latest cases of police injustice, and that is when we uncovered this holy grail of unrighteousness.
Watch this amazing 5-year-old girl drummer prodigy play System of a Down's Toxicity on the drums better than most people 5x her age can, and best of all she LOVES what she's doing!