When this little boy's dad, Master Sgt. R. Brock, wanted to come home and surprise his children, he thought long and hard about how he'd do it. Would he walk through the front door and catch them off guard? Would...
This screaming sheep thinks that crying and screaming is the way to get things. I did the same until I turned age 2, my ex-boyfriend took until age 28. We are all different!
Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a beautiful speech at the 2015 Girls Write Now awards ceremony about the pitfalls of pursuing likability.
In the sickening video which was filmed at a high school in San Antonio, Texas, shows students using the intestines of a cat to jump rope.
There are a few do's and don'ts when you are living life as a black American vs. say a white geeky American. One of those is definitely not to carry an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle (which is legal with a...
It’s sad, but Aziz is right. Watch this video of him talking about how the social landscape of relationships has been detrimentally changed by technology.
Clinton Cash exposes Hillary Clinton's lies and criminal activity during Hillary Clinton's career in "public service", doing worse things than you can imagine.
Is there anything more adorable than a baby lamb wearing a sweater? Before seeing this video, I would have answered no.
Watch this amazing 5-year-old girl drummer prodigy play System of a Down's Toxicity on the drums better than most people 5x her age can, and best of all she LOVES what she's doing!
A super dad cheers on his daughter as she fishes with him, when suddenly she hooks a huge bass fish with her Barbie fishing pole.