There are just certain things that ought not ever be uttered during sex. Here is a hilarious video detailing the 21 things never to say during sex... unless you want to die alone.
This video is great for a Monday morning, when you've been dreading coming to the office for a couple days and don't feel the pep-in-your-step to get started. I've never seen a better inspirational video than this one. What better...
Watch this amazing 5-year-old girl drummer prodigy play System of a Down's Toxicity on the drums better than most people 5x her age can, and best of all she LOVES what she's doing!
Two women who together beat a child to death go completely insane in the courtroom after they learn that they've been sentenced to life in prison.
On Friday, cops in McKinney Texas were filmed aggressively breaking up a pool party, using way more force than was called for. The boys in blue really f*cked this one up. Last Friday, police in McKinney Texas were caught on...
It's time to get your groove back, dads! No more walking around zombie-style, toting screaming babies and looking exhausted. It's time you had fun with your kids.
See just how obsessed with Ninja Turtles this girl is. From wearing costumes, eating pizza for every meal, and spending all her money on Ninja Turtles gear.
Brenda Lee Marquez McCool was killed in the Orlando nightclub massacre. Her son Isiah Henderson paid tribute to her during the funeral when he gave a eulogy. "She was the mom everyone wanted," he said.
A normal person would run terrified out of their home if they encountered a giant python, but a normal woman in Australia was already on a first name basis.
Watch the trailer for the new CBS series, Limitless, and get the scoop on whether or not this show is right for you in out thorough review. Limitless (2015)