Learn about if you exhibit any of these 10 types of behaviors which make you unattractive, regardless of your outer appearance. Then learn how you can stop these negative behaviors before it's too late.
This infuriating story shows how Amazon treats female employees ... while on maternity leave she got cancer and her health insurance denied.
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When a newlywed couple woke up after their wedding day, the groom claims he didn't recognize his wife without makeup and is suing her for $20,000 for fraud.
A marriage that endured and flourished over nearly 70 years came to an end when both husband and wife passed away just moments apart while in the hospital surrounded by friends and family.
When I was pregnant with my first child, I just thought that circumcision was what you did, no big deal, and that every man was circumcised.  Then one day I saw a picture of a baby being circumcised, and...
As we creep closer to the school year ending, with caps and gown being discarded in every which way, kids trying to find Adderall before finals, and, oh yeah — prom. If you plan on attending your school’s or have already...