No, I'm just going to answer this as honestly as possible with thoughts that have passed through my own head. If it reflects poorly on me, then at least maybe I'll learn something new. 10 Things Which Men Wish Women...
They say that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Read what your eye color means about you, and what it conveys to others. You will be amazed!
It's time to get your groove back, dads! No more walking around zombie-style, toting screaming babies and looking exhausted. It's time you had fun with your kids.
A man took to reddit to get advice on his ex-girlfriend, who he cheated on, who keeps sending him spoilers to Game of Thrones episodes before he has had a chance to watch.
Professor David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at Cambridge University, found that couples are having 40% less sex than they did just 20 years ago. He blames the decline in sex on shows like 'Game of Thrones' and Netflix binging.
Good news to mankind and everyone who loves sleeping in the nude. Science has found that wearing clothing to bed can cause a greater breeding ground for yeast infections and UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) through the collection in your underwear. Health experts are now advising men and women to sleep in the nude.
Every long term relationship reaches a point where the couple begins doing things which they never thought they'd do - that's how you know it's true love.
If you are a middle child or have a sibling that is, you will be amazed by what was learned after years of studying middle children, like Bill Gates!
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Using your Zodiac Sign, learn what kind of psycho ex you are after a breakup and see what other Astrological Personalities are prone to do after a breakup.