With all eyes on the Kiss Cam, this Lakers fan must have felt rejected after the cute woman in his row chooses a fellow Kings fan to kiss.
Teen contortionist Sofie Dossi had already won over the judges and audience of 'America's Got Talent', then she takes things to a whole new level.
Clinton Cash exposes Hillary Clinton's lies and criminal activity during Hillary Clinton's career in "public service", doing worse things than you can imagine.
The american public is terrified that these 11 bombshell Clinton Cash Facts have been0 confirmed true by the same mainstream media that endorses Clinton.
“It’s just been incredibly uplifting to be able to experience a trip like this and be free from everything Carter has been going through.” This was a meeting of some awesome minds. Cancer survivor Carter Beckhard-Suozzi’s dreams came true earlier this...
You will get the chills when you listen to Freddie Mercury's vocals without instruments obstructing you from hearing his raw talent and gift for songwriting that to this day goes unmatched.
  From now on the world around you will be completely different than before. Pokémon Go launched July 6th, the mobile game has raced past the likes of Facebook and Twitter on the app charts, already attracting a record-setting 21 million...
In case you’re ever at a dinner party with a table full of shark biologists or you have a fascination with these amazing creatures, let's debunk myths about sharks.
Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 60 debuts tonight on HBO and is called The Winds of Winter and there are a lot of questions that needed answers. We obliged.
Netflix has released a new TV series which horror fans will love and "Twin Peaks" fans will welcome with open arms called 'Stranger Things', starring Winona Ryder.