After refusing to put her growling dog in a carrier, calling the flight attendant the B word, and assaulting police, this woman is removed the Delta flight.
Two of the children from the DaddyOFive YouTube channel have reportedly been taken from their dad and step-mum and returned to their biologic mum.
As we creep closer to the school year ending, with caps and gown being discarded in every which way, kids trying to find Adderall before finals, and, oh yeah — prom. If you plan on attending your school’s or have already...
The sexist job interview video was put together to see how men would react to the sexist questions, remarks, and dating invites which women encounter daily.
Magician Neil Henry brings his unsuspecting girlfriend on stage to help him with a new trick. It's one of the most entertaining proposals I've ever seen.
KISSING BUGS. There are many different species of triatomines (commonly known as kissing bugs or cone-nose bugs in USA, and in different countries of Latin America.
When a 12-foot-long python was pulled out of a toilet in a women's restroom in Australia, it looked like something out of a horror movie. According to UPI, the Park Rangers at the Charles Darwin National Park were alerted by...
Modern Family star Reid Ewing recently revealed that he has struggled with body dysmorphic disorder, a mental illness that led him to get numerous plastic surgeries. What is body dysmorphic disorder? Most of us have something we don't like about our appearance...
Two women who together beat a child to death go completely insane in the courtroom after they learn that they've been sentenced to life in prison.
Three more women have come forward, accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them during the 1970's while his career was taking off. That old pervert.