Meet Weezy, the frightened doggie who would tremble at nearly everything – until she met his human brother that is. No one knew why the dog was so scared.
A pastor in eastern Uganda and eight other Christians are missing two weeks after a Muslim mob attacked a church prayer meeting, locked the congregation in, beat several members and raped 15 women, sources said.
Donald Trump has appeared in another press video showing off his latest executive order, and the Internet responded in a hilarious fashion.
The media is, as usual, acting like the fear mongers they are and lying the the american public when covering the "Muslim Ban".
Wednesday night was a major first for Donald Trump as ABC aired his very first interview as the President of the United States. The interview questions ranged from immigration policy to what carpet he chose for the Oval Office (Ronald...
A State Trooper in Arizona rescued a 16 year old girl from sex trafficking because he received valuable extra training.  Without that training, he may not have recognized all the signs and she may still be in sex trafficking...
The staff at The Humane Society Of Pikes Region in Colorado had reason to celebrate after working hard to find every dog and cat a home before the holidays.
At age 18, Liam Wright learned he had terminal bone cancer. He hid that he was dying from his friends and even his grandparents and cousins so they wouldn't have to worry.
Who says prostheses have to be expensive? Well, surely not William Root - the creator of the Exo Prosthetic leg.
There is nothing like a good scolding from an elderly British woman. This YouTube prankster got it good for his fake suicide prank off a bridge.