Baby Elephants That Think They’re Lap Animals

These Baby Elephants Think They’re Lap Dogs

These loveable, adorable baby elephants in the video shown above are a perfect example of how baby elephants think they’re lap dogs.

Although these baby elephants are absolutely adorable, they still weigh around 200 pounds. That is a lot of weight to be pressing down on your nether region, making them awkwardly shaped cuddlers.

The most adorable thing about animals is that they’re totally unaware of just how large they are. They don’t have any issues with body image and can’t tell if they are small or giant. Ever taken a small dog like a Poodle on a walk and watched it aggressively bark at another hound that is twice it’s size?

Baby elephants are sort of the opposite of that example. With their legs alone being the size of a human torso, doesn’t mean they don’t want to cuddle up to your face or curl up on your lap… if you can manage to do so without great pain or injury.

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