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I'm a writer based out of East Village, Manhattan. I work from my condo and local coffee shops (and a few restaurants with menus that are more unhealthy than licking a subway railing), meeting friends who have boats or boat access, touring the zoo for the zoo to visit my ex-boyfriends, and forcing my political beliefs on others at social events (kidding, don't be one of those people.

Toddler Waits Patiently For The Beat To Drop

Watch this adorable toddler sit in anticipation of the beat drop, then showcase some of the sassiest and smoothest dance moves we've seen from a car seat.

Guy Opens Chocolate Candy Bar And Finds Dead Cockroach

A Melbourne man opened his crunchy mint M&M chocolate candy bar only to make a disgusting discovery - a dead cockroach (better than a live one).

Visual Effects Artist Creates Epic Video To Sell His Old Car, And Now 2...

When it came to selling his old SUV, Eugene Romanovsky decided to take things to a whole new level when advertising for his 1996 Suzuki Vitara for sale.

Reese Witherspoon Posts a Dirty Little Lies Reunion Pic And Then Crushes Our Dreams

Reese Witherspoon played with our heartstrings after posting a photo of her and the cast of Big Little Lies making fans think there was a season two...

Game Of Thrones Writing Four Spin-Off Shows, HBO Confirms

We all feared the worst when it was announced that the eighth series of Game Of Thrones would be the end... but HBO has announced four spin off shows!

Two Of DaddyOFive’s Kids Have Been Removed From His Custody

Two of the children from the DaddyOFive YouTube channel have reportedly been taken from their dad and step-mum and returned to their biologic mum.

According To Science, Cheese Is The Key To A Long Life

According to science, cheese is the key to living a long life. We're basically immortal right now.

Toddler Accidentally Locked In Mom’s Car Laughs As Rescuers Try To Free Him

The world's most chilled-out toddler laughed and waved to firefighters as they tried to rescue him from inside a locked car.
Couple married nearly 70 years pass away just minutes apart

Couple Married Nearly 70 Years Pass Away Just Minutes Apart

A marriage that endured and flourished over nearly 70 years came to an end when both husband and wife passed away just moments apart while in the hospital surrounded by friends and family.

Matthew Perry Bullied Justin Trudeau As Classmates, Trudeau Wants Revenge

Matthew Perry, who played Bing on the long-running Friends series, recently told the tale of how he used to bully and beat up Trudeau when the two were schoolmates in Canada.