American Horror Story’s Taissa Farmiga Q and A

taissa-farmiga2You may know Taissa Farmiga from a little show called American Horror Story. In season one, she was Violet Harmon, an angsty, yet dynamic teenage character.

In the most recent season, she played Zoe Benson, a bright young witch. Truth be told, I think we all coveted the magnificent hats she wore on the show… and all her scenes with Evan Peters.

American Horror Story’s success is due largely to the fantastic actors and writers. Farmiga’s roles are undeniably captivating. We just can’t get enough of this show, nor can we pick a favorite season.

Farmiga sat down to answer viewer questions. She shares insights about the show and about herself.


Q: What is the best part of being an actress?

Farmiga: For me, I love getting to be someone else for a little while. It’s exhilarating. Because sometimes you get to look really deep inside yourself and pull out a new version of your personality that you didn’t know was there.


Q: Even though American Horror Story is a serious show, did you guys have a lot of bloopers? If so, which moment do you remember the most?

Farmiga: I think some of the best times on this season was the fact that Emma, Lily, Sarah and I could not contain ourselves whenever Franny (Frances Conroy) was acting out Myrtle. Too hilarious. We couldn’t look each other in the eye. Silent laughter for days.


Q: Was it hard not to laugh as Myrtle screamed “BALENCIAGAAAAAA” like a dying seal?

Farmiga: That moment was actually so heartbreaking. Especially in one take where Franny did it in a much more contained way. Super soft. A final goodbye. But Myrtle is definitely some character [laughs].


Q: If you were really a witch, what power would you want to have?

Farmiga: I love the idea of teleporting. Being able to appear and reappear in another spot. Transporting yourself to either somewhere far, far away for just a minute. Or even to the fridge during commercial break. It would be perfect.


Q: What is the hardest emotion for you to convey in your acting?

Farmiga: Laughing on cue, like a real genuine sounding laugh that conveys your happiness and amusement can sometimes be hard to come out. And I love to laugh.


Q: What’s it like working with Evan Peters?

Farmiga: Evan is an incredible actor and it’s been amazing to have him as a scene partner. We luckily work well together on set. The whole AHS cast seems to have a good chemistry. Another thing I love about this show.


Q: Is there anyone of the American Horror Story cast that you enjoyed shooting scenes with the most?

Farmiga: Ah, some of my favorite moments are actually when we have big ensemble scenes. Everyone together.


Q: What do your friends think when they see you on TV?

Farmiga: My friends tease me. Which is good. Don’t let my head get too big.


Q: What is your ultimate goal in acting?

Farmiga: I haven’t imagined too far into the future yet! I’d obviously love to continue this for a long time. Right now though I’m content on living in the moment and taking characters that I feel a spark with. I do like to write, but haven’t attempted a script thus far!


Q: With some of the controversial things on American Horror Story, do you ever have a scene you didn’t feel comfortable doing?

Farmiga: AHS has a lot of crazy things in the show [laughs]. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and dive right in.


Q: Is there a special moment in your life, you would love to travel back to?

Farmiga: I feel like the idea of reliving moments we qualify as “the best times” sounds better than it is. I am guilty of reminiscing and dying for the chance to be able to go back to a time that brings smiles to my face and butterflies to my stomach.

But then I think about it, and what if you go back and end up discovering the imperfections of the moment? Then that special cherished occasion is tainted. Too difficult of a decision. I think we’re lucky to have our memories.


Q: Is there any movie you can ALWAYS watch and never get tired of?

Farmiga: Mean Girls.


Thanks, Taissa. We will cry if you’re not in the fourth season of American Horror Story.

The network has yet to announce the premiere date. They are also holding out what the theme of the season will be, although people have certainly tried to speculate!

Source: Reddit

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