11 Hilarious Memes Spoofing Donald Trumps Executive Orders

11 Hilarious Memes Spoofing Donald Trumps Executive Orders » Female Intel

After Donald Trump appeared in yet another press release showing off his latest executive order, the internet got ahold of it and didn’t let go.

@TrumpDraws is a new Twitter account (and fad), which shows Trump holding his executive order gifs and all the memes that have come from it. Each GIF spoof of the footage shows him showing off terrible animal drawings, stick figure self portraits, and captions like “dinosar”. The accounts was created just two days ago and already has drawn in over 130,000 followers.

Here are our top 10 favorites:

1. And he didn’t even pay for a bachelors in art…

2. It would be different if she was wearing a mini-skirt

3. Horse Doodle

4. What large hands you have!

5. The “little hands” news is just an alternative fact

6. A billionaire has to have the best Pokemon cards…

7. With his use of Twitter, pray to God he doesn’t get a Tinder account

8. How did this ever happen?

9. So that’s how he won the election

10. Quite impressive

11. Ha! Take that virgins!

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