5 Beauty Products Which Are Not Tested On Animals

With Veganuary in full swing, an increasing number of people are choosing to abstain from using animal products.

But it’s not just food that can be vegan – beauty products can be too.

Aside from not containing any animal by-products, to be considered ‘vegan’ a brand must not use any ingredients tested on animals (or test on them themselves).

Here are five of the brands which help people feel as good as they look:

1. Hurraw


Need a new lip balm? You’re in luck! Hurraw makes an all-vegan offering made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients, complete with the most fun flavours around (think Earl Grey tea, chai spice and coconut.)

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2. Veganese


Proud vegetarian brand Lush also sell a range of clearly-labelled Vegan products. We love the Veganese conditioner and Big Salt shampoo. The company is also an avid fighter against animal testing and uses containers made from recycled materials.

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3. Arbonne


Arbonne is one of the biggest game changers when it comes to botanical based beauty, health and wellness products. With everything from mineral foundation to lip liner on offer, you wouldn’t even need to look anywhere else.


4. Maria Nila


Stockholm-based haircare brand Maria Nila is now available in the UK. Great news for vegans wanting to experiment with temporary colours – its ‘Colour Pop’ range is perfect for adding pastel hues to hair.

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5. B. Makeup


Superdrug’s own beauty brand boasts some of the best vegan brushes around – the secret is in the bristles, made from silky-soft synthetic material Taklon. The tapered edges give a precise, professional finish.

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