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Wife of dying 23-year-old gives inspiration & hope

EXCLUSIVE: ‘True love isn’t a fairytale’ Wife of dying 23-year-old gives inspiration following Ed Sheeran message When Laura Jordan began dating her husband-to-be Jack, she admits knowing it would be sl...

FIFA 16 adds female players for the first time

Electronic Arts' football/soccer franchise FIFA is introducing female players for the first time. (You can see new players in action in the trailer over on YouTube.) The sports game will feature 12 internat...
lessons from mad men

Nine Life Lessons from Mad Men

The hit TV Show Mad Men comes with a lot of life lessons which you can directly apply. The dark side to Draper and others is a learning opportunity.
psychological iq test

What’s Your Psychological I.Q.?

Here are 15 questions that will really let you know just how bright you are when it comes to psychology, or if you should go back to college.

Womens Guide to Negotiating Pay

Here are the most common mistakes that women make when negotiating a higher salary, or their starting salary with a new company. If you learn how to have one of the most awkward and stressful of business conver...

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