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Beloved Family Dog Dies While Saving Baby From A Fire

A loyal dog was able to rescue a family's infant daughter from what would have been imminent death in Baltimore. You will never doubt whether dogs are mans best friend after reading this.
Hiroki Ogita's Penis Causes Him A Spot In Men's Olympic Finalsvideo

Japanese Pole Vaulter’s Olympic Dream Crushed By His Own Penis

Hiroki Ogita is the first man to ever wish for an even smaller sized penis after it caused him a spot in the men's Pole Vaulting finals of the Rio Olympics.

6 Private Islands You Can Rent With Your Friends

You don't have to be a millionaire to get to rent a private island with your friends or loved one! Check out these six rentals for travel inspiration!

U.S. Airlines to add a lower class than economy: Basic Economy Class

Airlines have been increasing profitability through investing heavily in first and business-class while continuously making the coach flight experience worse to cut costs. Why stop there, though?...
Lucky Weiss, The Best Dog Who Ever Livedvideo

A Tribute To Lucky Weiss, The Best Dog Who Ever Lived

Lucky Weiss was the best dog to ever live. My sister made a tribute video to him of all the moments that brought us laughter and joy, so now we share them with you.
A baby bunny working a kissing booth

Newborn Baby Bunny Photo Shoot That’s Cuter Than Your Kid

After recognizing that a newborn bunny is just as cute as a baby, I decided to do a photo shoot with my baby bunny. The results are beyond adorable.

Man Is Confronted For Being A Foreigner, You’ll Love His Response

Watch what happens after a young Australian man is confronted by a woman about being a foreigner. Wait until you see how he responds!

A Mouse Casually Approaches A Cat, What Happens Next Will Amaze You

Based on everything we know about cats, one would think that if a cat saw a mouse, it would pounce on the chance catch a mouse near by. Well this cat defies all convention and when he comes face to face with a mouse, he has the most hilarious reaction of all time!